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Inspired by Bob Dylan’s iconic song, I am reminded that throughout the generations there have been global events that drastically shifted and shaped our lives. 

This past year has done just that, making us stop, pause, and consider not only our health but the changes we need to make in our daily lives as to have a positive impact on our home and work environments. 

We are so grateful for our loyal and supportive clientele who have been with us through this ordeal, gracing us with their patience and understanding. 

As we inch closer to re-opening and start slowly welcoming customers into the store, our priority and commitment is to our staff and customers’ safety and wellbeing. 

Duane and Loretta have invested into ensuring the store surpasses health and safety standards; from installing plexiglass counter barriers, disinfecting stations, and providing natural cleaning solutions, all playing a part in their commitment to joining London’s “City Green” programme that supports residents in “building a more sustainable and resilient city”. 

We proudly want to lead the way by making changes to our work environment that will have a lasting impact on generations to come. 

Replacing plastics with recyclable materials, utilizing natural alternatives for harsh chemicals and we are even in the process of rethinking packaging materials for our jewellery presentation boxes. 

Join us in making greener choices at home, at work, at play. 

Get involved! 

The City of London has a myriad of resources to tap into and start making a difference today. 


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