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As we all share this life together; realization that it is all at such a splendid time to be alive with all that’s available to us in our era. Life is quite easy for many here In our towns and while we make headway to fulfill our dreams, working diligently together with expectations and ambitions for an accomplished career and home life or perhaps instead beginning the enjoyment and relaxing stages of a well-designed retirement experience, we must connect with others and be ever present and engaged in our interactions. You never know what gift of interest or insight we may receive or offer. 

As gifts are yours to present, it is in “what your gift comes to mean” that holds greatest measurement of intimate meaning and value. Thank you for involving us here at Gordons in consulting with you in the selection of your beautiful new gift and allowing us to help you at this inaugural launch into exactly what your new gift’s meaning will come to hold. 

We here at Gordons having four goldsmith benches to further care for many precious items and have held rings in hand that envelope a heritage of a grandparent’s love and now an heirloom entrusted to your care. We have held in our hands that ring enriched with longing remembrance of a loving spouse. These items didn’t begin the journey with these intrinsic values… these sentiments were added, and we treat those items with even more respect and understanding. 

In reflecting on the meaning of an old saying to look at a “glass half full rather than half empty “ May I add that the glass is truly both half empty and it is half full so let’s drink to it all    to then refill until it overflows and share with others! We honor time for us to receive and also time for us to give and most of these are at the same moment. Recognizing that in life’s insurmountable goal to find meaning in arenas of our individual lives, it is just as special to be reciprocity’s islands in a vast sea with connectivity both exhibiting the giving and receiving.  Be present with interactions receiving the joy and wonder that can equal that joy of giving. Be life’s greatest gift. Be the present that adds value to an item. 

Written in warm appreciation of all that I have come to learn from you and have yet to learn from you: Loretta Gordon-Bock, CEO – Gordons Gold Jewellers 

Thanks so much,

Loretta Gordon-Bock

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