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Heart of mine. Home is where the heart lives.

Home We talk about the heart of the home and immediately we think of the kitchen or the great gathering room. Where the energy is… the rhythm and beat of a household. The people who comprise the settings at your table. This is where our tribe’s hearts beat as one. Take time to enjoy special […]

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Maria: A Golden Canadian Story…

It feels like I’ve come full circle as I reflect on my early experiences working as a summer student in a Canadian mine to working with Gordons Gold Jewellers for some time now. My name is Maria; I grew up in Timmins – “The City With a Heart of Gold” – so it is not […]

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The Times They are A-Changin’

  Inspired by Bob Dylan’s iconic song, I am reminded that throughout the generations there have been global events that drastically shifted and shaped our lives.  This past year has done just that, making us stop, pause, and consider not only our health but the changes we need to make in our daily lives as to have a positive impact […]

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At Gordons Gold Jewellers, we desire to help you turn an ordinary visit to our store into an extraordinary one! On Tuesday February 16th we’re excited to welcome you back to our showroom. We invite you to view an amazing array of rare and precious diamond and gemstone jewellery that will be sure to incite […]

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Have You Ever Wondered Why?

Why is “This pure Carbon” the ultimate symbol for the union of two loved ones? Carbon itself is the magical tie that bonds us… let’s begin with the precious chains of carbon that bind our “unique codes” within each individual; codes denoting an individual. How precious is the Carbon within you? Upon the moment you […]

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