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Have You Ever Wondered Why?

Why is “This pure Carbon” the ultimate symbol for the union of two loved ones? Carbon itself is the magical tie that bonds us… let’s begin with the precious chains of carbon that bind our “unique codes” within each individual; codes denoting an individual. How precious is the Carbon within you? Upon the moment you […]

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Be The Present

As we all share this life together; realization that it is all at such a splendid time to be alive with all that’s available to us in our era. Life is quite easy for many here In our towns and while we make headway to fulfill our dreams, working diligently together with expectations and ambitions […]

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The Shape of Your Gift

The shape of your gift… Why does Gordons Gold Jewellers sell the most diamonds? The answer begins to take shape through the conversations with our distinguished clients and the many choices which offer plentiful diamond shapes to help reflect their beloved’s persona! Our greatest reward is the appreciation through which our esteemed clients express and […]

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The Last Straw

A Gordons Golden Key Initiative – “The Last Straw”. Key to success here at Gordons are a few important parts: Highly sought after Brands that people desire in celebrating life’s special occasions; amazing local customers and client’s whom travel from distances such as Kincardine, Toronto and Montreal; our helpful and knowledgeable staff; and community involvements […]

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June Blog

The Importance of Taking Time to Celebrate Life After Duane and I landed in Mexico, and made it through the hustle and bustle of the airport, we were swiftly on route to our gorgeous resort on the beaches of Riviera Maya. The combination of winding roads and traffic caused our hearts to race as our […]

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