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Being part of a “best in world” success story! 

Recognizing the future potential of the Hearts On Fire Diamond and the story that accompanies it, Duane and I invested in Hearts On Fire and introduced the HOF Diamond on the counters of Gordons Gold Jewelers in 2002.  Fifteen years ago this launch was a small collection of only 10 perfect diamonds for mounting in engagement rings. It was only a short while before we add Jewellery By Hearts On Fire featuring solitaire earrings and necklaces.

Fast forward to today, Hearts On Fire commands the largest display here at our beautiful Gordons Gold showroom  and continues to boast one of the strongest engagement ring and loose diamond inventories in North America. With the most engagement rings sold, the Gordons Gold experience, combined with the HOF diamond are the perfect blends as we continue to help more engaged couples in their desire to celebrate such a time in their lives with a diamond that matches such an occasion. We love helping people celebrate love and helping our special customers celebrate their momentous occasions and there is no better way to express that love than in the scintillation of an Hearts On Fire ring.

We are so honoured to be a part of this “best in world” story and thank founders Glenn and Susan Rothman every opportunity possible.  Twenty-two years ago, the original founders and pioneers of Hearts On Fire, Glenn and Susan  Rothman, believed that people in love would desire and reach to celebrate their special occasions with a diamond that surpassed industry standards in diamond cutting perfection-no matter the size they purchased, or what piece it was in. Now, Hearts On Fire represents that original dream in 32 countries around the world—and Duane and I thank them for believing that dream and selecting Gordons Gold Jewellers to help build the Hearts On Fire story into what it is today.

Gordons Gold Jewellers is marking its 35th anniversary this year and is launching a yearlong campaign through 2018 and we are filling this year with many anniversary celebratory measures. As London and area families, and multitudes of young couples celebrate by taking part in our festivities, we are launching Gordons “Golden Key – a loyalty appreciation program”, and we invite you to come join in the celebrations. 

Further we welcome you to bring your  own items for a complimentary inspection and we’ll treat your jewellery to a spa treatment and answer questions you may have on your heirloom items of jewellery. We conduct refurbishments on your precious heirlooms, if required, and we complete the work here in our goldsmith workshop by one of our experienced goldsmiths.

One of our exciting on-going features here at Gordons Gold Jewellers is to grow your Hearts On Fire diamond earrings! We welcome you to come in to see how you can begin  in a “Grow your Diamond” program or to see what new items you may like to add to your treasured collection.

Please visit this month’s Blog at and begin the year in celebrating Gordons Gold Jewellers 35th anniversary together with us!   

Thank you for visiting Gordons Golds February Blog! 

Written by Loretta Gordon –Bock CEO Gordons Gold Jewellers

 Chocolate Mousse  

From Duane’s Kitchen

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! 


·         1 cup whipping cream 

·         3 eggs

·         3 tbsp. icing sugar

·         2 tbsp. Kahlua or cool strong coffee 

·         6 squares of bitter sweet chocolate 

1.       Beat 2 egg yolks and 1 whole egg with Kahlua 

2.       Beat 2 egg whites for 1 minute, add icing sugar and whip until stiff

3.       Whip whipping cream and fold into egg whites 

4.       Melt chocolate in a double boiler, remove and allow to cool  

5.       Carefully fold chocolate into whipped cream mixture, 1 third at a time  

and pour into 6 ramekins and refrigerate for at least 3 hours

Raspberry coulis

1 bag of frozen raspberries thawed and pureed with 2 tbsp. of sugar.             

Pour through a fine sieve and put in squeeze bottle and refrigerated.   

Prepare, serve and enjoy this sweet & delicious recipe by Duane! 

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