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Why is “This pure Carbon” the ultimate symbol for the union of two loved ones? Carbon itself is the magical tie that bonds us… let’s begin with the precious chains of carbon that bind our “unique codes” within each individual; codes denoting an individual.

How precious is the Carbon within you? Upon the moment you were conceived, your carbon code was set in motion as a unique order, a blueprint of all the details of the very special gift of your life here in this world! You share of these precious carbon chain-links, all the way back to your earliest ancestors. Yet you remain a most precious and rare individual. Adding to this aspect of carbon connectivity, our hearts are inspired by an unseen force, a connective system that through time naturally connects us to our loved ones. So perhaps our awe to our lifetime message carrier, Carbon, especially in this unique rare and precious state expresses most profoundly why we add depth to a loving relationship by the giving of It. More than tradition, unique and rare proclamations and unions between two lovers are denoted by the giving of these precious and rare pieces of Carbon. Are you at the horizon, at the point of discovering how that chemistry is relative to you as an individual? Carbon crystals so precious and rare created by natural processes billions of years ago under immense heat and pressure deep within the earth’s mechanisms enriched only today by two lovers desire to spend a lifetime together. A proposal of marriage Merits the Power and the Strength of the ultimate incumbent meaning… that we are connected. Down on bent knee, a proposal holds such value! Symbolism is embraced and honoured within this valuable adamus carbon crystal and speaking through the ages that a very special moment is to be beheld .. a precious union!

At Gordons Gold Jewellers, we desire to help you turn an ordinary visit to a store into an extraordinary one! We welcome you to visit Gordons and invite you to view an amazing selection of these rare and precious Adomus Carbon crystals available in Colourless through Fancy colours in stock just for you this February!

 -Loretta Gordon-Bock

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