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We talk about the heart of the home and immediately we think of the kitchen or the great gathering room. Where the energy is… the rhythm and beat of a household.

The people who comprise the settings at your table. This is where our tribe’s hearts beat as one.

Take time to enjoy special moments; wherever this ‘story of life’ directs your journey and takes you and your loved ones this breathtaking and heartfelt season. If you are with your tribe, you are at the heart of home. Valentines has become synonymous with romance and love, engagements, and weddings! As a jeweller, I love and appreciate how all that keeps our family business thriving and alive, and I love how jewellery pieces express emotive feelings. The items, textures, the tones that have the intrinsic ability to conjure loving thoughts or memories.

A grandmother’s treasured brooch, the aroma of fresh baked bread , the silk scarf still scented with a favourite perfume, the ring with a stone so pretty that you’re lost in its sparkle, the watch you take off just to read the loving inscription on its case; these are effervescent, these are limitless, these are precious.

Loretta Gordon-Bock, CEO

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