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The Importance of Taking Time to Celebrate Life

After Duane and I landed in Mexico, and made it through the hustle and bustle of the airport, we were swiftly on route to our gorgeous resort on the beaches of Riviera Maya. The combination of winding roads and traffic caused our hearts to race as our driver’s maneuverings repeatedly steered us clear of potential calamity. It took only a short while to arrive at our paradise destination – the first vacation that Duane and I have taken in over six years – but emotionally, it took us much longer to arrive. 

To start this much needed rejuvenating process, I begin by lounging on this lovely, sunny beach, knowing it is so important that we remember how to slow our pace. I think abstractly about people… places… letting my mind wander as I think about many things. The glistening and gleaming waves dance and spiral in attractive measure… their sounds gradually, hypnotically, revealing their message.

At the end of that first day, while enjoying a lovely, leisurely dinner, I exclaim to Duane what I have realized, “I have only now, just arrived!” Duane replies, “Likewise.”

The next day, at dawn’s first light, I watch the sun crest the horizon while birds greet this golden miracle. I marvel at the importance of a bird’s life, as it seems their sole purpose is to sing our sun to the sky and greet each new day with their melodies. Birdsong inevitably affects me to my core, and I am filled with elation as I reflect on what it means to have ‘purpose’.

Through Gordons Gold, we remarkably serve our clients, their special celebrations and many occasions in their lives. We serve to celebrate new love. We celebrate a new life welcomed into this great big wonderful world. We celebrate a life shared. We celebrate lives coming together – engagements and anniversaries. Appreciation and hallmark occasions! We are welcomed into the very lives of the families we serve. It’s really quite noteworthy how we’re creating a tradition of celebratory service.

Time goes by quickly, but Duane and I won’t let six years pass before our next vacation!  As we continue Gordons Gold Jewellers 35th anniversary we welcome you to join our celebrations. Inquire about our Gordons “Golden Key – a loyalty appreciation program” and discover what your Golden Key unlocks!

Written by Loretta Gordon-Bock

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