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It feels like I’ve come full circle as I reflect on my early experiences working as a summer student in a Canadian mine to working with Gordons Gold Jewellers for some time now.

My name is Maria; I grew up in Timmins – “The City With a Heart of Gold” – so it is not unusual that I found myself in the depths of a base metal mine.  I worked four summers in the lab, analyzing ore samples for everything from zinc, nickel, cadmium, and silver to gold.  I also enjoyed the privilege and honour of watching as the lab was tasked with pouring the gold bars.

When I began working at Gordons I found myself thoroughly captivated by all the wonderful pieces of jewellery made from gold. Recognizing the labours that brought gold from the area, and now seeing the works of art set with beautiful gemstones, I feel a particular pride. I was drawn specifically to the beauty of Fire & Ice jewellery as these items are made with Canadian-mined gold and primarily set with Canadian diamonds. Each of the Canadian-mined center diamonds are uniquely inscribed as part of their origin story. The engagement rings are delicate and classic which makes them timeless for a life’s story that is about to unfold.  

I invite you to come in and introduce yourself; I would be honoured to show you why I am extremely proud to share my Golden Canadian story with you.  Make your piece extra special with that “Canadian Gold Glow”.

Maria Plouffe – Sales Associate
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