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A Gordons Golden Key Initiative – “The Last Straw”.

Key to success here at Gordons are a few important parts: Highly sought after Brands that people desire in celebrating life’s special occasions; amazing local customers and client’s whom travel from distances such as Kincardine, Toronto and Montreal; our helpful and knowledgeable staff; and community involvements all cohesively share in our success story here at Gordons. Serving London Region for over 35 years!

Gordons Gold takes a great honour in helping many community initiatives lending support to the many varied events in London areas. From the “Country Classics”  which raises awareness and provides funds benefiting mental health, to supporting ongoing research investments for the London Health Foundation in its endeavours towards finding a cures for Alzheimer’s, Breast Cancer and other serious or rare conditions.

The Children’s Hospital along with Junior Achievement and Youth Opportunity Unlimited are amongst our endeared contributions and we are so honoured to continue supporting each of these every year. Watching our youth grow and foster in success and health is our greatest reward!

Gordons Gold Jewellers also partakes in supporting environmental issues, our most pressing mandate is to further awareness in our daily use of plastics, namely, those plastics that presently cannot be reused or recycled and end up in our landfills or floating as huge masses in our oceans. These are ill affecting our sea life trickling right down to our dinner plates.

It takes the action of one person to start making a difference.

This movement is Stephen Webster’s “Last Straw”. Stephen, along with those committed to environmental responsibility has culminated into this project in response to the worlds plastic pollution problem; hailing from London, UK, this country alone uses 8.5 million straws each year, which is among the top 10 items found during beach cleanups and takes over 200 years to decompose!

Gordons stands with Stephen Webster against this environmental issue with “The Last Straw”; beautifully handcrafted in Sterling Silver which is known for its antibacterial qualities, each straw will be hand engraved with the owner’s last name followed by the engraved statement ‘LAST STRAW”.

Partnering with Plastic Oceans Foundation, Stephen Webster will donate 10% of all sales proceeds to support their ongoing work in preserving our oceans.

Both Duane and I along with the amazing team here at Gordons, share in Stephen’s passion.

We invite you to stop by and view this “Last Straw” and consider supporting. 

Written by Loretta Gordon-Bock

CEO- Gordons Gold Jewellers

The Last Straw | Silver Collection | Stephen Webster

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