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The shape of your gift…

Why does Gordons Gold Jewellers sell the most diamonds?

The answer begins to take shape through the conversations with our distinguished clients and the many choices which offer plentiful diamond shapes to help reflect their beloved’s persona!

Our greatest reward is the appreciation through which our esteemed clients express and share their experience with friends and family who compliment them on the beauty and quality of their sparkling gifts.

The Oval cut is intriguing for those who love elongated and soft curves while the Square is for those who intrinsically appreciate defined edges!   

Variations on the Square include: Hearts on Fire ® “Dream” diamond which is cut to reveal the beautiful scintillating display of prismatic light. The eccentric Marquise cut is appealing to many with its greatest length to width ratios; it is slender with a poignant direction. Pear shape with the warm rounded beauty at one side evolving into a point.  Ideal for the bride that wants a unique look.

Another emotional shape is the FireMark ® “Fire Cushion” featuring softened corners as a comforting pillow, but without foregoing outstanding brilliance! Also to be considered, the awe-inspiring shape of the classic Emerald cut; this cut is sophisticated and favoured by others. These diamond variations lead up to the most popular shape, that being the classic and sophisticated Round Brilliant cut Diamond.

Hearts On Fire ® has perfected the process, cutting to superlative perfection in cut. Made by Master Diamond cutters to perform and reveal seriously bright light! Earning the distinguished designation of “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond” ® this diamond is extraordinary! Cut for superb beauty, The Hearts On Fire ® diamond returns scintillating fire and brilliance noticeable to all.

When you’re selecting the perfect gift this season, we welcome you to reflect on the shape of your gift of love.

Loretta Gordon-Bock

CEO – Gordons Gold Jewellers

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