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We surround ourselves with the warmth of home here at Gordons Gold Jewellers, from our welcoming smiles to new and returning customers, to the sight of our baby grand piano as you enter the store.

Allow me to share with you the story of the first time Duane invited me to meet his parents and family. It was Christmas. He had made a homemade cheesecake for my first Christmas dinner together with his family. In addition to their table filled with his mom’s traditional dishes, their home was always filled with music. I vividly recall Duane’s sisters playing the piano while we all joined in singing the carols.

Duane’s mother took me through their home, proudly showing me works of art she or Duane had completed over the years. She was an artist who loved working in oils and water colour, and she had been Duane’s earliest teacher in the arts that would encompass his whole life. She taught him the effects of light on objects to be painted and what direction shadows would cast. She gave me a clay bowl Duane had made when he was a child, as she showed me his paintings and drawings – I think she had kept all her children’s creations.

Duane’s parents are no longer with us, but through our traditions that they are remembered. To this day, Duane still creates a varying array of cakes for many events. Birthdays, parties, gatherings of friends at Thanksgiving and – of course – Christmas. These creative cakes are as unique as the individuals they are made for. You may know Duane often inquires with the party’s hosts what their favourite beverage or candy is, and then proceeds in creating inspired cakes around that answer, always to the amazement of the revelling guests!

After winning his first National jewellery design award in 1992, Duane was asked during an interview where he had learned his skills. I still find it very humorous remembering his answer, “School of hard knocks,” and the interviewer asking, “Where’s that?”

Of course Duane’s innate skills were inspired by life experience. He has learned from many, including a most memorable and inspiring drafting teacher, although he began under his mother’s tutelage – a mother who recognized and fostered creativity in her children.

These assists honed Duane’s creative nature into the multi-national award-winning designer he is today! Duane is multifaceted, like a fine gem (I can say this, as he is my husband). From his upbringing in music, art and sports to investing his time with his many interests, Duane gains inspiration. He is inspired by events, conversations, and especially people. This, with his desire to astound, is his way of giving of himself.

When he works with clients, helping them select items of jewellery, the clients always perceive he is involved and invested in what they have to say and praise how he helped them to select the perfect gift. Duane and I have much in common, and we look forward to seeing each of you this Christmas.

We invite you to view many new jewellery arrivals, from Ponte Vecchio eighteen karat yellow gold, to Les Georgettes bracelets made in Paris, to carved pearls by Galetea!  

Please visit this month’s Blog to share your traditions with our family and to try out one of Duane’s yummy treats at  


450 ML sweetened condensed milk

The zest of 4 or 5 limes 

½ cup of freshly squeezed lime juice 

2 pinches of salt 

2 lg. egg yolks (slightly beaten) the acid from the limes will cook the egg yolks

Pie shell options: premade flake pie crust, graham cracker, shortbread shell- follow the baking instructions. (Or make your own)

In a stand mixer, beat egg yolks and add sweetened condensed milk, (medium-for 2 minutes) add salt, zest, lime juice and mix for 2 minutes, after mixing pour filling into cooled pie shell. Chill pie for 2-3 hours before serving.

Top with meringue if you wish & enjoy!!

Recently during our ladies night at the store, I used frozen sweetened pastry tart shells and piped them with vanilla custard. (2 dozen shells)
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